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The Gerber Syndrome 

The Gerber Syndrome

    Release Date     2011

    Directed by       Maxì Dejoie

    Stars                 Valentina Bartolo, Elisabetta Fischer, Pia Lanciotti

    Genre               Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

    country             Italy

    views                 631


The Gerber's Syndrome is an contagious viral disease that was discovered in Germany in 2008 and spread all over the world. It is extremely contagious, fast spreading, and deadly. This syndrome is very difficult to spot, because it's like a normal dose of the flu, with all the subsequent symptoms that most of us are familiar with; but later, the virus affects the brain cells causing serious damage to the central nervous system. A TV crew is making a documentary about the disease and the way society is coping with it by documenting the stories of three people who are dealing with Gerber's Syndrome: Melissa is a young girl that has been infected, Doctor Ricardi is the doctor who is following her and Luigi is a member of the CS, the security organization that has to deal with infected people. The TV crew follow the lives of this characters, becoming characters themselves since they are constantly in the action. We see how the syndrome progress in Melissa and the way her family and Doctor 

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