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    Release Date     2010

    Directed by       Jonathan Wright

    Stars                 Megan Hutchings, Mike Webster, Aimee Feler

    Genre               Horror

    country             Canada

    views                 255


From the darkest annals of a heroin riddled group of addicts trying to shield the glimmer of salvation from the ink black pathway of lives soon lost, comes a tale of horror and survival set against a bleak and isolated landscape, far from any hope of rescue. Rocked by the gruesome death of one of their best friends, a group of teenage heroin addicts barricade themselves in an abandoned farmhouse in order to kick the habit. Things get out of hand when the drugs they brought with them for one last 'hoorah'; is more than they bargained for. They struggle to escape with their lives when one of them snaps and turns into a blood-thirsty killer out to get each of them, one by one. Caught in the middle of a menacing social experiment, the teens must overcome the murderous forces within the house as well as the threat that is closing in on them from down the road. With no where to run, they must face their greatest fears and fight for their very survival, or be overcome by the very storm they 

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